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House Architecture and Construction

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The project is the planning of execution of one determined work, the project architectural is the conception of the aesthetic one of a construction. It sees project in the states.


Construction is the activity to construct, in the civil construction it is the utlizada definition also for ready constructions that are called of construction or workmanships still in andamanto. It sees construction in the states.


Architectural says respect to the originary elements of the architecture, that is elements architectural are all those that aesthetic purpose in the construction has, thus the project with aesthetic purpose of the workmanship are called aqruitetônico project. It sees architectural in the states.


Engineering is the science that studies in diverse areas the form as the processes are effected, civil if busy engineering in the constructive processes. It sees engineering in the states.


The Decoration consciste in the art to decorate an environment making with that local determined one is more pleasant, the professional who if busy of this art is called decorator or decorator. It sees decoration in the states.


Paisagismo footpath each time more used to organize external environments aiming at one better distribution of the spaces and keeping a harmony between the constructions and the environment. It sees paisagismo in the states.


Urbanism is the study of the urban areas and the relation enters the occupants of this space and its interrelação with the way, urbanimo comes each time more gaining importance due to the disordered growth of the great cities. It sees urbanism in the states.


The architect, or architect is a professional who if occupies in consciliar in a construction project the aesthetic part and the prticidade, utlizando of rational form the spaces. She sees architect in the states.


The engineer is the professional who if occupies of the science of engineering. He sees engineer in the states.


The paisagista allows an aesthetic study of external environments. It sees paisagismo in the states.


The decorator has as objective the decoration of an environment. She sees decorator in the states.

City planner

The city planner if occupies of the commanded development of the urban centers. He sees city planner in the states.


The masonry is the structure made with bricks. It sees masonry in the states.


Façade is prate frontal of a construction. It sees façade in the states.


The given name the covering of the constructions is roof. It sees roof in the states.


All the internal comodos of a construction say respito to its interior, or interiors. It sees interiors in the states.


The illumination is the responsible structure for the illumination of environments. It sees illumination in the states.


The lights are the parts used for the illumination in environments. It sees lights in the states.


The gardens are joint of plants with aesthetic purpose. It sees gardens in the states.


Used material for decoration, plaster is considered a noble material. It sees plaster in the states.


Program of computer used for drawing, autocad is the used program more for drawings. It sees autocad in the states.


Used program for elaboration of projects architectural, archicad integrates the part 3D and 2D of the project. It sees archicad in the states.


The geometric elements are figures and elements of drawing. It sees geometric in the states.


Drawing is the graphical representation of one determined element. It sees drawings in the states.


Design is the used term to define the aesthetic one of an object. It sees design in the states


Casacor sample of decoration. It sees casacor in the states.


Fair of the civil construction feicon. It sees feicon in the states.


Term that defines the elements of a residencia, that is residêncial. It sees residêncial in the states.


A condominium is a set of residences. It sees condominium in the states.

Design de Interiores

The aesthetic planning of the interiors is called design interiors. It sees design of interiors in the states.

Geometric drawing

Geometric drawing is graphical elements. It sees geometric drawing in the states.

Sample of decoration

Set of decoration works is called decoration sample. It sees sample of decoration in the states.

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This page is in construction and not yet it was formatted, to see the site of architect Patricia Mellilo and to read more on architecture architectural and visits its site official. It sees architecture 01, architecture 02, 03 architecture and architecture 04 to know more.